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Aussie Yasi Cleanup Continues

Australian cleanup efforts in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi are making progress but, with the extent of devastation caused by the Category 5 monster, recovery will take many months, if not years.

With winds over 180, it is truly remarkable that so few people were killed by Yasi.

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Amazingly, even though the February 3 storm was the most powerful cyclone to batter Australia since records have been kept — carrying winds up to 186 mph — there were few reported deaths. With that bittersweet fact in mind, we suppose it’s now safe to share our favorite politically incorrect bit of levity that resulted from the tragedy — our thought being that even in sad times a laugh is good therapy:

What did Cyclone Yasi say to the coconut tree?

"Hang onto your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!"

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