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Another Weekend Immersed in Sailing

As kids, we traveled far while cloistered in our bedrooms with books like Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, or Dove by Robin Lee Graham. All these years later we feel like we’re right back where we started — though as a kid we were often forced indoors by snowy, cold winters.

While we’d rather be sailing, we’re looking forward to cracking open some of our old favorites — no foul weather gear needed.

Sailing in Place
This weekend, while traveling in our dreams, we’ll be sailing in place.
© 2020 Reluctantly Leslie Arndt

Sailing is rich with appropriate language for the times as we sail into uncharted waters, reef down for the gathering storm, or seek safe harbor. We’ll do our best to shelter in place while finding a way to escape until we have clear sailing ahead.

It appears that Punxsutawney Phil, in the KKMI ad on the back page of the current issue, didn’t see his shadow after all and is suggesting we all hibernate a little further into the spring sailing season.

So while we do ‘shelter in place’ we wonder what you’ll be reading. We hope you already have your March issue in hand. If not, the March issue is available online here and the April issue will be coming on April 1. Beyond that, what’s on the bedside table? As we shelter we have some reading from Dave and Dave: Dave Perry’s Winning in One Designs is nearby, as are some back issues of Dave Dellenbaugh’s Speed & Smarts newsletter. We have Sterling Hayden’s Wanderer close at hand and many other favorites ready for a read. What do you recommend?  Email us here or add to the comments below.

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It is a mnemonic that, once known, is impossible to forget. It is the simple expression of an important navigational concept: Red, right, returning.
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As far as the Coast Guard is concerned, as long as there are active shelter-in-home orders in place, marine event permits are nullified.
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