…And Speaking of Boat Collisions

Lake County District Attorney Jon E. Hopkins rested the prosecution’s case against Bismarck Dinius yesterday . . . without calling Russell Perdock, the man behind the wheel of the speedboat that slammed into the sailboat on which Dinius was crew. Lynn Thornton was killed in the accident, and the prosecution claims that Dinius was at fault because he had his hand on the tiller, was legally intoxicated and didn’t have the boat’s running lights on. So it was quite a surprise when Hopkins rested without calling his star witness, the law enforcement official who would state that the sailboat didn’t have its lights on and that he was actually the victim.

On his blog, Dan Noyes suggests that Perdock has "lawyered up" and that it would be an embarrassment for the prosecution if their star witness pled the Fifth. As it stands, Perdock is scheduled be called to the stand next week as a hostile witness for the defense!

We have to commend Elizabeth Larson from Lake County News  who has done a fantastic job reporting all the courtroom goings-on. Check their site frequently for updates.

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