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Alex Thompson’s Mast Walk

World-class solo racer, Alex Thompson is well known in racing circles for singlehanding the Hugo Boss-sponsored Open 60 around the world. Last year Alex wowed sailors worldwide by performing a keel walk — climbing onto Hugo Boss’ exposed keel bulb while she was sailing and then jumping off in dramatic fashion, all the while wearing a smart black Hugo Boss suit.

Alex performs his keel walk in 2013.

© Alex Thompson Racing

This time around, Alex, once again dressed in his finest Hugo Boss threads, stands at the base of his steeply heeled boat’s mast and jauntily scampers to its pinnacle some 30 meters in the distance. Once at the top the fast-moving boat, he stands for a few moments before launching himself into the ocean off the Spanish coast. You can watch the remarkable video here. We’d probably shy away from trying this ourselves, but it sure looks amazing. 

Alex’s latest stunt, running up Hugo Boss’ mast, freestyle.

© Alex Thompson Racing


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