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He Was a Prince, and a Sailor

Friday, April 9, 2021, marked the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. And while America is clearly not beholden to the British monarchy or part of a commonwealth, when one of our readers, Tim Dick, emailed us with a couple of links, we were reminded that the duke was not only a prince, but also a sailor. Below are a few interesting photos and snippets of history that have found their way onto social media since the 99-year-old’s passing.

Prince Philip at the Tiller
Did you know? From 1956 to 1970 and then again from 1975 to 1980, Prince Philip served as president of the Royal Yachting Association.
© 2021 The Royal Family
Helming Bluebottle
The duke helms the Dragon class yacht Bluebottle — a wedding present to the queen and the duke.
© 2021 The Royal Family
This photo is believed to have been taken in London when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip toured Cutty Sark on June 25, 1957.
© 2021 Facebook/Milena Stevens
The prince would often helm Yeoman XIX during Cowes Week in competition for the Britannia Cup.
© 2021 New Street Nautical Audio
This photo has appeared on numerous news and social media sites around the globe — Prince Philip, aged around 15, at the helm of a two-masted 14-ton boat named Diligent. The boat was owned by Gordonstoun, the boarding school the young prince attended in Scotland.
© 2021 Major B Varvill R.A.M.C
The Duke of Edinburgh was certainly an avid sportsman.
© 2021 Facebook/Nigel Sutton

Sailors around the world have commented on Prince Philip’s passing; some of them have even competed against him. We found the following comments on Facebook.

“Loved racing against him in Cowes … he always won!” – Arleen Ginn

“We raced against him many times when Yeoman was a Sigma 38. We had an incident calling water up the beach at Cowes; our owner said it was the fastest insurance claim he had ever had! Charming gentleman who will be hugely missed.” – The current Mrs. Nichols

“Apparently one race when things were getting tough in the shallows another boat called “my water,” to which Prince Philip on Yeoman replied ” It’s not your water, it’s my wife’s water. Now go up!” – Alan Littlefield

We could no doubt search the internet a little longer and find hundreds more photos and comments, but judging by the few we have shared, it does appear that Prince Philip was a well-respected sailor.

Prince Philip died two months before his 100th birthday. R.I.P.

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  1. ken brinkley 5 months ago

    Sailing truly is,a great leveling field!

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