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There has been plenty of unsettling news lately concerning the Alameda Marina complex, but Bay Ship’s acquisition of Svendsen’s is largely seen as positive. latitude/Chris
An urgent request for type A-negative blood was broadcast to the Banderas Bay cruising fleet via VHF on Sunday, November 26, by Dick Markie, harbormaster at Paradise Village Marina.
In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude, we listed a plethora of lighted boat parades that will put holiday sparkle into the next three weekends in Northern California and San Diego.
Most of the boats coming across the Atlantic in November-December rallies are cruising boats, such as the Lagoon 450 Spirit, the first of the ARC+ boats to finish.
The Grand Poobah might be biased, of course, but to his way of thinking, the Baja Ha-Ha is "all about" small boats on a big, blue, warm ocean and cruisers making all kinds of new friends.
Jérémie Beyou takes a selfie while explaining the problems that he is encountering onboard his IMOCA 60 Maître Coq.
Island Dreamer in last year’s Lighted Yacht Parade on the Oakland-Alameda Estuary.  © Fred Fago Over the next couple of weekends, it will seem as if there are as many lighted boat parades as there are LEDs on a string of Christmas lights.
Because the Banderas Bay Blast is held in mid-December, the wind tends to be light and the air warm: mellow tropical sailing.
Leaving behind the sinking Noah, her crew drifts away. © Dr. Bramley Murton / National Oceanography Centre Four family members and their one crew were successfully rescued last weekend from the BH39 Noah in the Atlantic Ocean while participating in the 2,750-mile Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) from the Canary Islands to St.
The view from Nereida at sunset, off Southern California, last night. Nereida
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Jeanne Socrates’ attempt to be the oldest person to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded without stopping is, unfortunately, making an unforeseen stop.
What possible connection could there be between holiday shopping and the opening of the Panama Canal’s ‘Third Set of Locks’ last summer?
Shot during a pre-start practice session, either a very large shark — or perhaps orca — is keeping pace with Alex Thomson’s sleek IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss, or we’re getting a look at the tip of his starboard foil, which is now broken.
We made it! El Gato owners Annie Gardner and Eric Witte, on the right, stand atop the cat’s house after making the 1,500-mile passage from Virginia to the British Virgins. 
Having made the 4,000-mile crossing from Panama several weeks previously, a cruising cat arrives at the entrance to Cook’s Bay, Moorea, site of the annual Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous.
Four of the six teams racing in Fukuoka, left to right: Artemis Racing (SWE), BAR Land Rover (GBR), SoftBank Team Japan and Groupama Team France, sailing on Friday.
At the risk of drowning in the attempt, these kissing-contest challengers were determined to keep their lips locked despite being pummeled by the Cabo shore break. 
Summerlike and beautiful Ayala Cove, along the north shore of Angel Island, on Saturday, November 5.
A new Queen of the Women’s Circuit was crowned last night at the Yacht Racing Association’s awards party, which was hosted by Berkeley Yacht Club.
A fleet of West Wight Potters and similar craft approaches the Georgiana Slough bridge, as the bridgetender swings it open to allow the flotilla through.
Life on the Water, the Sausalito-based documentary company, will premiere their latest film, Jon Wilson, The Restorer’s Journey, on Wednesday, November 16, at the Rafael Film Center in downtown San Rafael.
The 48-year-old Frenchman Thomas Coville departed Brest, on the coast of Brittany, on Sunday, in hopes of a solo around-the-world record aboard Sodebo Ultim’.
On Monday, the Associated Press reported that a German sailor who was kidnapped by Somali pirates eight years ago has apparently been captured again — this time by Islamic militants in the southern Philippines.