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Archive for November 2018
Mayhem off Oahu

Transpac Entry Record Beckons

Still eight months out, the 2019 Transpac is already primed to be one of the biggest and best ever. The 50th edition of the West Coast’s most famous offshore yacht race has garnered 77 entries, putting it just three away from its all-time record. More »

Why Iguanas Have Thick Skin

When you live on a boat in the tropics year-round, you adjust to the challenges of wind, rain and extreme heat every day as needs arise — protecting expensive gear from sun damage, attending to leaks, and keeping mold and mildew at bay. More »

Second Annual #optsailing

We’ve been praying for rain, and it looks like we’re finally going to get it. Fingers crossed. The forecast calls for rain on Wednesday and ‘Black Friday’ — the day REI has designated as a day to #optoutside and that we’ve transmogrified to #optsailing. More »