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Archive for November 2018

Stick in the Mud in San Leandro

As the San Francisco Bay shoreline continues to be developed with high-rent waterfront properties, access to sailing is feeling the pressure. The once-popular San Leandro Marina has fallen on hard times because of silting. More »

Randall Reeves Is Round the Horn

After just over 50 days at sea following his late-September departure from San Francisco, Randall Reeves finally reached Cape Horn sometime yesterday after a few days of gale-force conditions. Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to see Reeves’ tracker bobbing directly in front of sailing’s most famous waypoint. More »
Sailing a container

December Issue Hits the Racks

"When I was young, I dreamed of taking off on a sailboat, exploring the oceans, and claiming deserted islands for myself." Those are the words of Martin Machado. Learn where his dreams led him in December's Latitude 38.
Stiv Wilson, the Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

Longtime readers of Latitude 38 are probably familiar with the adventures of Bruce Balan and Alene Rice of the California-based Cross 46 trimaran Migration. Stories from their 60,000 miles of cruising have included visiting Easter Island in 2008, their most recent Changes in Latitudes in February, and their stop in the Bay last spring, where they crossed paths with a controversial boat in Aquatic Park. More »

Extreme West Coast Weather

If you’re from the East Coast, you might find that for a state with so much sunshine, Californians sure do complain about the weather a lot. In Southern California, a rainy day often makes the news (and a newscaster is always [inexplicably] sent into the drizzle for a report). More »

News Nuggets

On Friday, a ferry crashed into the dock at the San Francisco Ferry Building. There were 53 passengers onboard at the time, but no injuries were reported.