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Archive for February 2013

Moontide Crew Robbed at Gunpoint

Seen here heading south along the Baja Coast in 2009, Moontide is well known within both the Southern California and Mexico cruising communities. latitude/Andy
©2013 Latitude 38 Media, LLC In disturbing news, Bill Lilly and his partner Judy Lang reported their Lagoon 470 Moontide was boarded by three armed men at about 2 a.m. More »

Spring Crew List Party

Sailing’s more fun with friends!
Come to Latitude 38’s Spring Crew List Party
Wednesday, March 6, 6-9 pm
Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco. latitude/Chris
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Free Munchies  •  No-Host Bar  •  Door Prizes
Demonstrations • Slide Show • Guest Experts
No reservations • Come as you are! More »

Rec Boat vs. Commercial Vessel

This weekend’s collision between a ferry and a 22-ft powerboat in Raccoon Strait is a grim reminder for all mariners to keep a sharp lookout for commercial traffic. The accident occurred around 4 p.m. More »

Maserati Betters Record by 10 Days

After a week of slow progress toward the finish, Maserati’s international crew was thrilled to finally enter San Francisco Bay. © 2013 Bjoern Kils After sailing more than 14,000 miles in 47 days, the nine-man crew of the VOR 70 Maserati were elated to pass beneath the Golden Gate bridge late Saturday morning, thus chopping 10 days off the previous monohull record, set by Frenchman Yves Parlier in 1999 aboard Aquitaine Innovations.  More »

A Sweet Cruise-Out to Martinez

Vallejo YC’s Sweetheart’s Cruise to Martinez had the biggest turn out in years: 20 boats! latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As we reported on January 16, part of the Martinez Marina was dredged in December during a short window of opportunity between fish runs. More »

Photo Quiz Answer

It’s a ditchbag! It’s a liferaft! It’s a scale model of the Pacific Garbage Patch! No, it’s…it’s…it’s… © 2013 Gilly Foy We got a lot of responses to the February 6 Photo Quiz: "It is a tow-behind-the-boat clothes washing machine." More »

Maserati Aims for Record Finish

This file shot approximate the conditions we imagine Maserati is currently experiencing on her route to the Golden Gate — annoyingly slow. © Tim Thumb / Maserati Imagine how frustrating it would be to have raced against the clock at a record-breaking pace all the way from New York, south around Cape Horn, then north to California, only to be slowed down by flukey winds less than 150 miles from the finish line. More »

This Beer (Can) Is for You

As the season’s midwinter racing wraps up, many sailors are gearing up for the typically more spirited conditions found during the spring and summer’s beer can racing. Most Bay Area clubs offer the opportunity to join in some ultra-casual weeknight racing, some with your boat, some as crew. More »

Blending Fun With Fundraising

A day of beach games brought nonstop smiles to the faces of these young scholars. © 2013 Margaret Reid Although the Zihuatanejo Sailfest isn’t the largest annual cruiser event in Mexico, it’s a candidate for generating the most fun, and during it’s 12-year run it has raised more funds for charity than any other Mexican sailing event. More »

Rob Moore Memorial Regatta

This weekend’s Corinthian Midwinters has so much going on it’s hard to know where to start. First, if you haven’t already heard, Saturday’s race is the Rob Moore Memorial Regatta, a fundraiser for lung cancer research. More »