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Archive for July 2012

Make Friends with Tax-Free Liquor

After crossing 3,000 miles of open ocean en route to French Polynesia, it’s only natural that sailors would want to get together and socialize. But as one South Pacific cruiser pointed out, “The trouble is, with all those cruiser get-togethers, you can go through your entire stash of beer, wine and liquor in short order.” More »

Business Classies Rock!

"Just FYI, my little bitty Business Ad got me work from ORACLE RACING. That’s right! The guys from OR saw my ad in Latitude 38 when they were here in the Bay Area a few months ago, and they asked for some help with boat lettering for their AC45s. More »

Pacific Cup Starts Today

If you’re looking for an excuse to ditch work this week, we suggest you sneak out the back door, head down to your boat and go witness the departure of the 2012 Pacific Cup fleet. More »

SPECIAL REPORT: Bela Bartok Abandoned

Early this morning, Derk Wolmuth on the 31-ft Vindo 40 Bela Bartok, an entry in the Singlehanded TransPac, activated his EPIRB about 450 miles off the finish line at Hanalei Bay on Kauai, and broadcast on the SSB that he was requesting a medical evacuation. More »

Crew of the Week

It’s not unusual to see lovely ladies aboard sailboats. But nine of them? © Sylvia Stewart We always think it looks a little goofy for civilians to wear naval hats — a la Gilligan — but we have to admit that atop this cadre of sailors the mock naval headgear looks splendid. More »

Rocinante Lost on Baja Coast

There was misfortune on the coast of Baja last month, as 81-year-old Bill Fox of San Francisco lost his Beneteau 42 Rocinante on the beach at Punta Redonda, which is about 9 miles down the Pacific Coast of Isla Margarita. More »

When It Rains, It Pours

Brian VanderZanden on TurboCamper will have finished the 2,120-mile solo race by the time you read this. latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As this post is being uploaded to our servers, Brian VanderZanden on the Hobie 33 TurboCamper has crossed the finish line of the Singlehanded TransPac and is probably enjoying his end-of-race drink of choice — a piña colada — the second boat to do so. More »

Sea Visas Explained as Fleet Grows

Within the southbound cruising community there’s been a lot of chatter lately about a new Mexican regulation which supposedly requires that "sea visas" be obtained in advance by all vessels heading south. More »

A Racing Hodgepodge

The Vic-Maui race had a scenic start. © Andrew Madding / Bow Shot Productions As the Vic-Maui Race fleet are passing San Francisco Bay’s latitude (at 128 to 132 degrees longitude), they’re beginning to swoop south-southwest. More »