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A rare view of the Mothball Fleet stationed in Suisun Bay. © Scott Haefner For sailors who’ve ventured beyond the Benicia Bridge, the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay is part landmark, part history and part mystery.
The Santa Cruz 27s used Whidbey Island Race as their nationals. Their 12 boats were the largest one design class out of a 100-boat fleet.
Crissy Fields is one organized shopper, and you can be too! Christmas is closer than we all want to admit, and Crissy’s bag is full of goodies for that special sailor in her life.
On Monday we challenged readers to explain the photo below: 1) Why do these sailors have so many dinghies piled on their decks?
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Researchers at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and Portland State University are trying to determine how often recreational boats in California move, where they go and how often their bottoms are cleaned.
Esmerelda sailed through the Gate yesterday under full sail and foggy skies. latitude/Andy
©2011 Latitude 38 Media, LLC It was truly unfortunate that the 370-ft Chilean tall ship Esmeralda didn’t arrive beneath the Golden Gate Wednesday morning as planned, because the weather was absolutely stunning on that clear, sunny morning.
Storm watchers in both the Eastern Pacific and Western Atlantic are breathing a sigh of relief today, as the three powerful storms that have been threatening communities ashore have all diminished in strength and/or moved out to sea.
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"We just tied up at Elba, which is the west coast of Italy’s Catalina — although much more developed," reports Capt.
It would be easy to assume the worst if you’d heard a 62-year-old windsurfer had been missing on the Bay for more than 13 hours, but Cathy Caton’s rescue Tuesday morning after spending a very long night getting sucked in and out of South San Francisco Bay was a surprisingly happy ending to a potentially deadly story.
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Two Harbors, Catalina Island, is a truly unique island destination. With just the right mix of dining, activities and amenities, this rustic resort village is a true boater’s paradise.
If you took our advice and sailed out to greet the Chilean tall ship Esmeralda yesterday as she entered the Golden Gate, you may have thought she somehow slipped by you unnoticed.
A moment of TransPac zen. Bob Lane’s Andrews 63 Medicine Man sending it into the finish at Diamond Head.
Two sailors died early this morning during the 103rd Annual Chicago-to-Mackinac Race when a severe thunderstorm sent wind speeds into the 50s.
After a series of obstacles that have prevented us from heading north from La Cruz to do the Baja Bash with Profligate, we were all ready to go.
The Oakcliff American Offshore Team on the STP 65 Vanquish is in some good company, finishing the 2950-mile Transatlantic Race next to Karl Kwok’s Farr 80 Beau Geste.
Allen and Kate Barry, liveaboards and worldwide cruisers for 20 years aboard the San Francisco-based DownEast 38 Mendocino Queen, report they were assaulted and robbed around 10:45 p.m.
A patriotic apparition? No, it’s the Freedom Flag, which will be flying over San Francisco Bay today in support of vets.
As long-distance sailors like to point out to nervous landlubbers, it’s not the ocean that’s so dangerous, it’s the hard stuff around the edges.
Hap Fauth’s R/P 74 Bella Mente is tearing up the racetrack en route to what looks like a new Barn Door record.
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At KKMI Pt. Richmond, your haulout is FREE with a bottom paint package purchase this July!* © 2011 KKMI We’ve made the process of getting your boat hauled and painted even easier by wrapping up the cost in package pricing.
That looks familiar! latitude/LaDonna
©2011 Latitude 38 Media, LLC For 34 years, Latitude 38 has been something of an anonomly among monthly magazines.
As the survivors of Sunday’s tragic fishing boat accident just off Baja’s Isla San Luis — most of whom were fishing buddies from California — make their way home, the Mexican navy and the U.S.
Twenty-seven boats started the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s LongPac Wednesday and, as of this morning, only four boats were still racing — all of them singlehanded entries.
Pedro Fernandez de Valle, whose dream was to build the 400-berth Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz, says he now has a much better understanding of his customer’s wants and needs.
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Two Harbors, Catalina Island, is a truly unique island destination. With just the right mix of dining, activities and amenities, this rustic resort village is a true boater’s paradise.
The Diamond Head Lighthouse and buoy have served as the finish line for the TransPac since 1906.
While local drummers hail his arrival, Kristor Bowman of the San Francisco-based CS 36 Britannia crosses the finish line at the entrance to Opunohu Bay with the aid of his ‘borrowed’ adolescent crewman Harrison Mitgang off the F/P 48 catamaran Watcha Gonna Do.
While the boats in this year’s TransPac are clawing away from the California Coast, the Pacific Cup YC will be hosting the first installment of its biennial seminar schedule — the "Pacific Offshore Academy" — with a revamped, more user-friendly format.