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Archive for June 2010
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Caller of Fake Mayday Gets 30 Months

A 53-year-old Salinas man was sentenced this week to 30 months in federal prison for calling in a false mayday in October of ’08, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Kurtis Thorsted, who was at his home at the time of the call, told authorities that he was in a kayak off Santa Cruz and having trouble getting to shore. More »

Delta Ditch Beat

Tim and Karin Knowles Wyliecat 39 Lilith and Sam McFadden’s Olson 30 Dragonsong get split up by a tanker during Saturday’s Delta Ditch Run. No Olson 30s were harmed while making this image. More »

Dear Abby, Huge Storm Approaching!

Having resided in the confines of a sheltered world, we’re not sure if Abby Sunderland yet understands that when she returns to the States, she’s likely to face a bigger storm than any she saw in the Southern Ocean. More »

Abby Sunderland is Alive

The tremendous news is that 16-year-old Abby Sunderland of Thousand Oaks, who set off two EPIRBs deep in the Southern Ocean yesterday from her Open 40 Wild Eyes, has been located in good health by a Qantas airliner chartered by the Australian government. More »

SPECIAL EDITION: Abby Sunderland Activiates EPIRBs

Abby Sunderland, 16, has activated two EPIRBs in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Everyone is hoping for the best. © Gizara Arts Just three days after passing the halfway point in her solo circumnavigation, Thousand Oaks teen Abby Sunderland has reportedly set off two EPIRBs aboard her Open 40 Wild Eyes. More »
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Hopkins is History

‘Yes We Can’ was a rallying cry in the ’08 presidential campaign, and one that was embraced by voters in yesterday’s Lake County primary elections. Incumbent District Attorney Jon E. Hopkins — the man who decided to prosecute sailor Bismarck Dinius instead of Deputy Sheriff Russell Perdock in the ’06 boating death of Lynn Thornton — was soundly ousted from a spot on November’s general election ballot by Don Anderson and Doug Rhoades. More »

Update On Dorland’s Condition

We’ve been given the following update on the condition of Greg Dorland of the Lake Tahoe-based Catana 52 Escapade, who readers may remember from his participation in the last two Ha-Ha’s: "Latitude got the news about my leg before it was even operated on! More »

A Light Air Bash and a Black Bird

Compassionate Patrick and his little black bird with the broken wing. Who knew such a little bird could cause such big trouble? latitude/Richard
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC With the onset of hurricane season in Mexico, this is the time of year when boats that went south for the winter have either done or are doing the Baja Bash. More »