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Archive for May 2010

Jessica Watson Finishes

Showing signs of wear and tear — not surprising after suffering a number of knockdowns — Ella’s Pink Lady brings her own lady home safely. © 2010 EPA A grinning Jessica Watson sailed into Sydney Harbor Saturday afternoon to close the circuit on her non-stop solo circumnavigation only to be greeted by tens of thousands of cheering fans. More »

Last, but Still Loved

It was a wild time down at the docks in old St. Barth in the French West Indies this morning, as and Groupe Bel, the last two of the 25 doublehanded entries in the TransAt AG2R La Mondiale, crossed the finish line at the entrance of the port of Gustavia just seconds apart. More »

Adventuress Sails to Victory

We’d like to think our piece in last Friday’s ‘Lectronic contributed in some small way to the 133-ft schooner Adventuress‘s narrow win of the popular vote — and a $125,000 grant — in the Puget Sound Partners in Preservation initiative, a grant ‘competition’ sponsored by American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. More »
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SPECIAL UPDATE: Missing Sailor Alert

The Coast Guard has been scouring the waters about 70 miles northwest of Pt. Conception since Wednesday night, searching for the skipper of an unmanned 22-ft sailboat. Felix Knauth, the registered owner of the unnamed vessel, reportedly left Monterey on Monday. More »
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Russell Perdock Gets Fired

Elizabeth Larson of Lake County News reported yesterday that Lake County Sheriff Rod Mitchell confirmed that Russell Perdock — Mitchell’s once-upon-a-time right-hand man — was fired from the Sheriff’s Office late last month. More »

Real Life ‘Lost’

Imagine you’re on an idyllic crossing, halfway between Hawaii and Fiji. The sky and sea are impossible shades of blue, the wind fills your sails, and life couldn’t get much better. More »

Air-Evacuated Crewman on the Mend

The human brain has some remarkable ways of dealing with extreme situations. In instances of severe trauma, for example, it seems to shut down certain body and brain functions — such as memory — and switch into survival mode. More »

At Rainbow’s End

A day like today makes sailors long to find their pot of gold so they can head somewhere warm. But you can’t have rainbows without a little rain, so while today’s forecast for the Bay Area is drippy, the rest of the week should be sunny and in the low 70s. More »