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SPECIAL UPDATE: Missing Sailor Alert

The Coast Guard has been scouring the waters about 70 miles northwest of Pt. Conception since Wednesday night, searching for the skipper of an unmanned 22-ft sailboat. Felix Knauth, the registered owner of the unnamed vessel, reportedly left Monterey on Monday.

The Coast Guard reports that a mayday was heard Wednesday evening around 7 p.m. but they were unable to hail the caller. A C-130 searched the vicinity of the call through the night but found nothing. They resumed the search at first light, but again found no trace of a vessel in distress. Around 10:30 yesterday morning, a passing cruiseship spotted the drifting sailboat with tattered sails, and notified the Coast Guard of its coordinates. A C-130, two MH-65 helos and the cutter Bertholf have been searching for Knauth ever since.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Alan Haraf says there are no plans at this point to terminate the search, but that a "judgement call will probably be made this afternoon." If you have any information on the case, contact the Alameda rescue coordination center at (510) 437-3701.


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We’d like to think our piece in last Friday’s ‘Lectronic contributed in some small way to the 133-ft schooner Adventuress‘s narrow win of the popular vote — and a $125,000 grant — in the Puget Sound Partners in Preservation initiative, a grant ‘competition’ sponsored by American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Elizabeth Larson of Lake County News reported yesterday that Lake County Sheriff Rod Mitchell confirmed that Russell Perdock — Mitchell’s once-upon-a-time right-hand man — was fired from the Sheriff’s Office late last month.
Considering that she slammed her boat into the side of a freighter during her shakedown cruise, Australian singlehander Jessica Watson, 16, has turned out to be one smart and tenacious sailor.
It was a wild time down at the docks in old St. Barth in the French West Indies this morning, as