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Archive for December 2008

Making Friends the World Over

Junji Nakamura is undoubtedly a hero to many Mazatlan sailors: "We just got back from Mazatlan where it was 85º and beautiful, as always. When my wife and I went out on a 45-ft catamaran for a short bay cruise, the captain asked if we just wanted to sail all day — heck, yeah! More »

Sailing on the Solstice

You’ve no doubt heard of — if not participated in — Summer Sailstice, a global celebration of sailing that happens every June on the weekend closest to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. More »
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Yet More Good Reads

Here’s the final installment of our holiday book reviews. For the past week, we’ve featured mini-reviews of a few of the more interesting boating books that have come out this year. More »

The Longest Six and Half Feet

Mark Guillemot’s Safran approaches the stricken Yann Elies aboard Generali. © Mark Guillemot It’s only six and a half feet, but the distance separating Yann Eliès from his medical kit might as well be intercontinental. More »

What Do You Mean, You’re Resigning!?

As beautiful as this sunset looks in this photo, it was about to get even better, with lots more purple. © 2008 Dietmar Petutschnig We’ve often written about the fabulous color of the sky in Mexico, and particularly in the Sea of Cortez. More »

Sell Your Boat!

 "As a result of my Classy Classified in a recent issue of Latitude 38, our boat sold quickly. Thanks for your help in making the placement of the ad easy and for your great customer support!" More »

Off The Beaten Path

One of the most sure ways to embrace risk is to free dive, as Nicole is doing, with big gray sharks. Lots and lots of big gray sharks. DreamKeeper
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Gar and Nicole Duke of the Sausalito-based Pacific Seacraft 40 DreamKeeper started cruising two years ago in search of safety rather than adventure. More »
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More Good Reads

As noted on Monday, we’re doing quickie reviews this week of some of the new books we’ve received over the past year, the idea being that they might make nice gifts for the sailors on your holiday list. More »

Vendee Globe Update

Ice has been a constant threat to the sailors in the Vendee Globe Race. © 2008 Sam Davies / Roxy Attrition is a constant in the Vendée Globe Race. Now that most of the 19 boats remaining — out of the 30 that started — are about halfway around the world, it looks like the amount of attrition is well on its way to the 50% mark many people have come to expect. More »