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Making Friends the World Over

Junji Nakamura is undoubtedly a hero to many Mazatlan sailors:

"We just got back from Mazatlan where it was 85º and beautiful, as always. When my wife and I went out on a 45-ft catamaran for a short bay cruise, the captain asked if we just wanted to sail all day — heck, yeah! We had a fantastic trip as a pod of whales followed us for a long time, breeching and performing fantastic side rolls out of the water. We were happy to bring along some copies of Latitude 38 — we passed the 40-lb test at the airport so they must not have weighed very much — and deliver them to the El Cid Marina Harbormaster’s Office. There are plenty of boats in Mazatlan but so little to read about sailing and we were thrilled to fill the void."

If you’re planning a trip to visit cruising or chartering friends in far-flung places, we know how you can earn their undying admiration (at least until you break the head): Take down a bundle or two of the most recent Latitude 38s! Just drop by our World Headquarters in Mill Valley to pick them up or shoot us an email — we’ll be happy to UPS some to you.

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Miela on the hook in an exceptionally uncrowded Tenacatita Bay. But it’s been warm and the living easy, with lunch and dinners for less than $4.
What keeps folks sailing, even after the days where the head clogs, the furling jams, the new handheld GPS decides to show it can sink like the Dow, and we swear to the heavens that we will never, ever go out again?