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Archive for July 2008

Solo TransPac – Postcards from the Edge

Al Hughes’ Open 60 Dogbark crossed the finish line early yesterday morning. © Rich Hudnut We have a winner! Well, at least a finisher. Al Hughes on the Seattle-based Open 60 Dogbark sailed across the finish line of the Singlehanded TransPac shortly after 9 a.m. More »

Raindrop Takes Pac Cup Lead

Michael Maloney’s Express 37 Bullet has wrestled the Division C lead from Dean Treadway’s Farr 36 Sweet Okole. latitude/JR
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC The lighter-air trend that began over the weekend has continued to affect the Pacific Cup fleet. More »
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Lake County Residents Think Perdock is Guilty

With Bismarck Dinius slated to go on trial next week on vehicular manslaughter charges in the Lake County boating death of Lynn Thornton, the Lake County Record-Bee has published the stunning results of a poll about who their readers thought was actually responsible. More »
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Common Sense in Washington?

The July 2 edition of ‘Lectronic Latitude reported that the EPA was developing a ‘discharge permit’ for the 17 million recreational boats in the U.S. as a result of a Circuit Court ruling that revoked the 35-year-old exemption the agency gave to such vessels. More »

Tall Ship Fest Begins Today

This replica of Cap’n Bligh’s famous Bounty appeared in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. A historically accurate replica of Columbus’ Niña will also appear. © 2008 Bounty Latitude 38 recommendation: Drop whatever you’re doing right now and head down to the San Francisco waterfront. More »

Solo Transpac -The Rich Get Richer

Ruben Gabriel is successfully pushing his Benicia-based Pearson Electra Sparky – which has the highest PHRF in the fleet at 270 – to keep up with the competition. latitude/LaDonna
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The front runners of the Singlehanded TransPac continue to stretch their lead. More »
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Cruisers Slammed by Unexpected Conditions

"The South Pacific Convergence Zone went crazy on July 19," report Robby and Lorraine Coleman of the Honolulu-based Angleman ketch Southern Cross. "Eight boats on their way to Suwarrow from French Polynesia got hammered by 30- to 40-knot winds and even stronger squalls. More »

Fuel ‘Shortages’ at Turtle Bay?

This is the famous Gordo fuel facility at the end of the pier at Turtle Bay. At times they and their competitors deliver fuel to boats via panga, too. latitude/Richard
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC We recently received a letter from Kris and Sandra Hartford of the Edmonton, Canada-based Simpson 417 cutter Nomotos who, shortly after completing a 9-year, 47-day circumnavigation, complained that the El Gordo, Jr. More »

Rich Man, Poor Man

Mark Deppe on Alchera crossed the halfway point in the Singlehanded TransPac yesterday. latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC The movement of the North Pacific High, as noted in today’s Pac Cup story, has affected many of the singlehanders as well. More »

North Pacific High Shuffles Pacific Cup Deck

Joby Easton and Bill Huseby have Raindrop headed up the overall standings and towards Kaneohe Bay. latitude/Rob
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC With some of the earliest starters in the neighborhood of their halfway points, the Pacific Cup fleet is experiencing a massive shuffle of positions. More »