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Classifieds FAQs

What are Latitude 38’s Classy Classifieds?

Latitude 38’s Classy Classifieds is the place to buy and sell boats – as well as marine gear, trailers, liferafts, boat partnerships, trades and more.

You can also look for a marine industry job or post a help wanted listing in the Job opportunities category. You can submit information about your club’s membership, or rent or sell a slip or a home near the water. There are even crew listings , personal listings, South of the Border, non-profit organizations’ events, and a miscellaneous category!

How do I sell my boat or gear? 

List your boat here or your other items you are selling for over $1000. Your listing will appear both in the print magazine and online. The deadline for our print magazine is the 15th of each month. All listings will post online as soon as you submit them. 

List your boats or gear for under $1000 here (for free!). These listings ONLY appear online, unless you choose to purchase a spot in our print magazine. 

How do I buy boats or gear through the Classy Classifieds? 

Head over to our Classy Classifieds online or check out the Classy Classifieds section of our latest issue to find amazing boats, gear, and other opportunities! 

When will my listing appear online? When will it print in the magazine?

If you are selling a boat or other items for over $1000, your listing will appear online immediately after payment is complete. Your listing will appear in the next month’s magazine, as long as you submit it before the 15th of the month before, including weekends and holidays. For example, if you submit an ad by January 15th at 5pm, it will appear in the February issue. If you submit your ad on January 16th, it will not appear until the March issue.    

If you are selling a boat or items for less than $1000, you can post online for free! Your listing will appear as soon as you complete payment. If you’d like your item for less than $1000 to appear in the print magazine, you will need to purchase space in the magazine here. 

How will buyers contact me?

You can choose to provide your email address or phone number. On your listing, your contact information will be available under “Show Contact Information.”

What are the photo requirements for an online ad? What are the photo requirements for a print ad? 

When adding a photo, the optimum size is 8” wide at 72 dpi. If your photo is too large, you will need to resize it as a smaller file before uploading it. If needed, you can email it as a TIFF or JPEG attachment.

Do I need to renew my listing each month? How do I cancel my listing?

With our Run-Until-Cancelled automatic renewal program, you need not worry about missing another deadline. The credit card used for your initial listing will be automatically charged 30 days after the date of your purchase. You can cancel at any time. However, if you do not want your ad to appear in the next issue, the ad must be canceled no later than 5 p.m. on the 15th of the month.

Can I make changes (price, description, location etc.) to my ad once it’s posted?

Yes! Please visit the classified ad management page. However, if it is after the 15th of the month, your changes will not appear in the next month’s magazine.

Do you have any tips on selling my boat?

We sure do! Read one of our expert’s Tips On Selling a Boat!

Do you have any tips on how to purchase a boat?

Of course! Check out one of our expert’s Tips on Buying a Boat.

I’m a business owner and want to advertise, where can I do that?

You can check out our display advertising options (the BEST way to get our readers’ attention) or submit a business classified ad.