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Paid Private Party Classy Ads appear online and in print. Submit your boat for sale ad here. For All Other Classies click here. Ad deadline to get in the following month’s magazine is always the 15th at 5:00 p.m. PST of the month prior. This includes weekends and holidays.

Once purchased, your ad will run for 30 days online and will then automatically renew at the end of the 30-day period. On the 15th of each month, we will download all current ads for the layout of the following month’s issue. For example, if an ad is posted on the 22nd of January it would be current on February 15, therefore it will be downloaded for publication in the March issue. The first renewal will process on the 22nd of February. Because it is current on March 15, it will appear in the April issue. And so on, automatically renewing every 30 days. You can cancel your ad at any time.

Private Party Ads are for Private Parties – individuals only. No brokers*. No businesses*, EXCEPT FOR these categories: South of the Border, Clubs/Memberships, Non-Profit, Job Opportunities or Business Opportunities.

Private Party Ad Pricing ($USD)
Up to 40 Words………………………$40
41 – 80 Words………………………..$65
81 – 120 Words (maximum)………$120
Add a photo (8” wide, 72 dpi)……..$30

“Trying to Locate” …………………….$10
This special category is only to search for a specific boat (not a boat model) or individual. Up to 20 Words.

*Business Ads are in print only. $70/month, cancel anytime. Specific information and submission form can be found here.

Free Ads are for boats or other items for sale for under $1,000 are free! Free Ads appear online only and will automatically expire after 30 days. One free ad per person, per category, per 30 days. Up to 40 words of text. No brokers, no businesses, no photos in free ads – no deadline either! Post your Free Ad here.