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Wosser Trophies Are Trophies We Don’t Deserve

The close of the 2023 racing season means the close for entries for the recently created Wosser Perpetual trophies. Applications are easy and due by December 15 (that’s one week from today!). As with many new initiatives, the number of applicants is small, meaning the chances of winning are big. Much better than the lottery.

John Arens J/109 Reverie
John Arens and his J/109 Reverie would be deserving of a Wosser Trophy since he and crew did a lot of racing and a lot winning. The crew is pictured picking up trophies at the YRA trophy pick-up party at the Richmond Yacht Club.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

With this in mind we decided to apply for the Ruth Wosser and Susie Wosser trophies even though we didn’t race that many times, and didn’t take too many different crew members. Tallying it up, we only raced 21 times (mostly Friday night beer can races), and we only took 16 different crew members with us across all those races. Surely, many boats did more racing and took many more people sailing. Despite that, we could be winners, but only because we’ve applied. If you raced more and/or took more people sailing, make sure you apply today or at least before the December 15 deadline.

Like yacht racing, the contest relies on the honor system. If you hit a mark and nobody sees it, do you do your circle? Of course you do. It’s the same with the Wosser trophies. If you say you raced both days of the Vallejo Race, BAMA’s Doublehanded Farallones, and every single Richmond Yacht Club Wednesday night race, we’re going to believe you. Though just as with that mark, somebody whom you didn’t see may be watching and speak up.

Mike Martin and Adam Lowry
By winning the 5O5 Worlds on San Francisco Bay, Mike Martin and Adam Lowry are the winners of the 2023 Jake Wosser Trophy.
© 2023 Bryon MacDonald

If you raced more races than we did this year, or took more people racing, you should apply for the Wosser trophies. Doing so gives you an excellent chance to look back at your racing year and all the fabulous crew who helped you around the race course.

John Arens
Reverie also won class in the Rolex Big Boat Series, so with all that winning, Melges 32 Kuai owner Daniel Thielman passed John Arens the Sailor of the Year award at the Corinthian Yacht Club.
© 2023 Kim Schafer

The nice thing about these trophies is they honor your dedication and commitment to racing, to learning, and to getting out on the water, regardless of your results. Winning these trophies and winning races is even better, but despite Vince Lombardi’s quote, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing,” getting out on the race course at all is its own reward. These trophies recognize those who do it often and those who invite more people sailing. It takes just a few minutes.

Apply for the Ruth Wosser Trophy for most races in a season here and the Susie Wosser Trophy for taking the most crew sailing here. (Crew under age 19 count double!) The YRA receives all the entries and will let us know the winners.

Plus, by entering you can save us the embarrassment of winning our own trophies and again writing about ourselves!

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The boat is a unique ketch that my dad — Jean Filloux — designed himself with a naval architect friend at Sparkman & Stephens to be built with a first-of-its-kind manufacturing method that Jean came up with.
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