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Wit and Wisdom

The current plight of the Costa Concordia reminds us of a comment attributed to Churchill by James C. Humes in his book The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill:"

It’s hard to picture the great statesman playing shuffleboard.

© 2012 Richard Taylor

"Late in his life, Sir Winston took a cruise on an Italian ship. A journalist from a New York newspaper approached the former prime minister to ask him why he chose to travel on an Italian line when the Queen Elizabeth, under the British flag, was available.

"Churchill gave the question his consideration and then gravely replied. ‘There are three things I like about Italian ships. First, their cuisine, which is unsurpassed. Second, their service, which is quite superb. And then — in time of emergency — there is none of this nonsense about women and children first.’"

While we’re sure the so-called British bull dog make that comment with tongue in cheek, we’re not sure if it qualifies him as politically incorrect or an egalitarian.

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It’s come to our attention that early March will mark the 35th anniversary of the day that the publisher of this magazine, assisted by Kathleen McCarthy, put together the first issue of Latitude 38.
Dave Wallace of the Puerto Escondido-based Amel Maramu Air-Ops reports he has some additional information on the daily boat taxes the Italians are going to be laying on owners of Italian and foreign yachts starting on May 1.