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Will You Choose #optsailing for Blue Friday?

The air is cooler, winds are lighter, but the sun is still shining! Welcome to Thanksgiving 2020. Surely after the year we’ve been having we all deserve a relaxing and happy Thanksgiving — and what better way to make sure of this than to turn the commerce-driven Black Friday into a sailing-fueled Blue Friday, by sailing on San Francisco Bay (or wherever you happen to be)?

We realize weather plays a role for many sailors on whether to stay on or get off the dock, so we’ve given our crystal ball a spit and polish to look at the coming weekend’s sailing conditions.

First of all, according to NOAA, with the exception of late morning Thursday when the forecast is for gusts up to 20 mph, we can expect light winds throughout the weekend, averaging around 10 mph or less.

Perfect weather for Blue Friday
Are these forecasters sailors? Who cares? They’re telling us the conditions will be “very good for sailing.” We’re choosing to #optsailing on Blue Friday. Will you?
© 2020 AccuWeather

But that’s not all. We’re also expecting clear skies, with daytime temperatures sitting around 60°F. How good is that?

With a forecast like this, how could you not want to be out on the water?
© 2020 NOAA

Now, of course there’ll be some among us who would like to see more wind, but really, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to relax with family and friends, masks on, and taking a casual sail on the Bay is a perfect way to achieve this. So after we’ve given thanks and shared our turkey dinners, let’s all leave our credit cards at home, head down to the docks, and untie for a weekend of casual, wind-powered celebrations.

Remember to bring your camera (or phone) and line up some photos. Even better, send them to us and we’ll put together a Thanksgiving  weekend exposé of sailing on the Bay. Include your name, your boat’s name and type, and anything else you’d like to share, and email to [email protected].

By the way, we’re all taking our own advice and will be out on the water for the holiday weekend, so there will be no ‘Lectronic Latitude on Friday. But we will be back on on Monday, ready to share your sailing photos and stories. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. milly Biller 3 years ago

    I would love to, but silly me- working instead. We will be racing here on Sunday though. Happy TG everyone !

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