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Who Will Be Ha-Ha XXVI Entry #150?

It could be you. We’re now up to entry 148, and with the addition of the Hunter Passage 42 Dakota, have two more boys, 11 and 7, in the fleet. For those of you headed south with kids this winter, that means we’re close to 20 kids slated to be in the fleet.

The Baja Ha-Ha is kid friendly. Here a couple of young bucks to be participate in the Ha-Ha Diving Olympics off the back of Profligate.
© 2019 Richard Spindler

The latest entry deadline is September 20. But because we know how busy everybody is getting their boats ready, and because we love you, we’ll extend the deadline until October 1. Besides, the Grand Poobah and Assistant Poobah are busy doing the SoCal Ta-Ta.

There is plenty of room to anchor in both Turtle Bay and, as seen here, Bahia Santa Maria.

If you haven’t signed up by October 1, you can always contact Patsy ‘La Reina del Mar’ Verhoeven, the Assistant Poobah. She has a lot of influence, loves red wine, and having lived in Mexico for years, can introduce you to the concept of mordida.

For details on the Baja Ha-Ha, visit

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