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Who’s Who?

We know that this is Robby Fouts (left) with Robert & Kristi Hanelt of the S&S 53 yawl Skylark, but where are they and what are they celebrating? They went around from 1972-74.

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In gearing up to publish an article celebrating the dozens of West Coast sailors who’ve circumnavigated the globe, we ran across a number of vintage photos that we somehow neglected to identify clearly. This is a first, of course, in our 30 years of publishing (not!).

Anyway, we thought we’d post a few of them and see if you can help us figure out who’s who? Please email us with info and, if applicable, a related anecdote. Many thanks!

This guy circumnavigated aboard a gaff ketch with tanbark sails. Who is he and what’s the boat’s name? Extra points for the bird’s name!

Parrot Loving Sailor
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This one really stumped us. All we know is, it’s a wooden boat . . . somewhere.

Mystery Woodie
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We sorta recognize these folks, but can’t quite place them. We’re guessing this was taken as they returned home to the Bay.

Mystery Couple
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Patsy Verhoeven, seen here driving her Gulfstar 50 Talion to class honors in the recent Banderas Bay Regatta, has come up with the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week courses.
Cherie Williams gives a belly rub to an appreciative ray in Belize. © 2008 Rod Williams "The death of the woman struck by a jumping eagle ray during a freak accident in Florida last week, and the earlier death of the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, may give some people a wrong impression of these generally harmless cartilaginous fish," writes Rod Williams of the Alameda-based Catalina 42 Azure.
Just a reminder that all boats entered in tomorrow’s OYRA Crewed Lightship Race are invited to pick up daisy flowers from volunteers on the docks at  the St.