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Where Will You Cruise in Summer 2021?

What would your Northern California cruising advice be to someone who bought their first boat during the pandemic? Over the past year, boat sales have been booming as people have stayed home and rediscovered the beauty of the Bay and its close-to-home escape. It’s a world-renowned sailing venue, but it can feel short of cruising destinations. Sonya David and Jack Patton of Two the Horizon wrote our story in the April issue about many of their favorite Bay Area cruising destinations, so now we’re wondering about your plans or your recommendations to first-time boat owners.

Sonya and Jack are also 2021 Summer Sailstice ambassadors, which means they’re reaching out to ‘friends and family’ in their sailing community to help get the whole world sailing on the weekend of June 19. They recently took a cruise to another of Northern California’s sailing destinations, Half Moon Bay, and produced a video about their cruise and Summer Sailstice.


Sonya and Jack are terrific ambassadors, as they have been living aboard for several years, restoring and upgrading their 1986 Passport 42 Gemini, and have been sharing sailing and their experiences with everyone they can. Their video was filmed during their recent Half Moon Bay staycation on the boat. If you’re thinking of going, it will show you the way. Though we suspect you’ll have to dress more warmly than Sonya did as they sailed out the Gate.

Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay is just down the coast, with a protected anchorage and nearby town, and home to the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.
© 2021 Jack Patton

If you were going to be an ambassador to all the new boat owners wondering where to go and what to do with their new sailboat this summer, what would you recommend? We recently talked to two dock neighbors with more ambitious ideas, each of them planning a longer summer cruise to Southern California’s Channel Islands.

Let us know where you plan to cruise this summer, and don’t forget to join Jack and Sonya on June 19 by signing up for Summer Sailstice to #raiseyoursails with Two the Horizon and sailors around the world.


  1. Bud Kerner 3 years ago

    I am planning to sail from Bodega Bay to Rio Vista. Some years ago I sailed from Fort Bragg to Bodega Bay, bad weather kept me in Bodega Bay for several days. I got tired of waiting for the weather to improve so I called home to bring the trailer so I could take my P19 home.
    The plan is to anchor in Drakes Bay the first night, San Francisco Bay the second night. Benicia the third, and home to Rio Vista the fourth day.

  2. Sonya 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing our little Sailcation getaway! It was a great reminder that you don’t have to go far to feel miles away from home!
    We plan to head up the Delta by the end of the month, to celebrate my (Sonya) birthday on July 4th and also have plans to return to the Channel Islands after having such a spectacular time last fall.
    One destination we have yet to visit but is definitely on our bucket list is Tómales Bay. Has anyone else sailed there on a heavier displacement boat?

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