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Where Do the Years Go?

It’s come to our attention that early March will mark the 35th anniversary of the day that the publisher of this magazine, assisted by Kathleen McCarthy, put together the first issue of Latitude 38. It’s hard to believe how much has changed in that time, from boats, to the type of sailing that’s done, to the way publications are put together. For the details on this, see February’s response to Rob Boyle’s letter about the history of the magazine.

Our first cover didn’t win any design awards, but today a copy of that first edition is a collectors’ item – potentially worth substantially more than the cover price. (It was free.)

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One thing that hasn’t changed is that we still love sailing. In fact, in many ways we love it more than ever. Another thing that hasn’t changed is that we still love writing about sailing. In fact, in many ways we love that more than ever also. It’s all the business BS that sometimes makes us grouchy and weary.

Anyway, if anybody would like to mention anything they particularly liked — or disliked — about the first 10,000 or so pages of Latitude, feel free to let us know. (And yes, we already know that most of you men like the shots of women sailing topless.)

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