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When in Traffic, Do You Feel Nature Calling?

We got through the thick traffic in the Oakland maze, wondering how, if “everyone” is working from home, there can be so much traffic. When finally crawling up Interstate 80 East we looked out and saw boats sailing out of the Cal Sailing Club and started thinking again, how do we get out there? And what’s out there? We think of it as nature calling. Since you’re reading here, you probably have been out there and know why it’s a far better alternative than I-80.

As summer is coming, we’re sharing a few photos of nature to remind you of what’s available to those aboard a boat on the Bay. It’s often less than a mile from where you’re sitting in traffic.

Bald Eagle
Sailing up Raccoon Strait we sighted a bald eagle that had caught a fish. Cool!
© 2024 John
Whales are frequent visitors outside the Gate.
We saw this whale and dolphin while heading to Drake’s Bay.
© 2024 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

One of the great things about sailing north toward Drake’s Bay is seeing all the whales. One time while heading north we saw whales so frequently we found ourselves getting a little jaded, as if we were seeing another deer in the backyard. Sometimes there can be quite a crowd.

Speaking of Drake’s Bay, we recently finished reading the Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake by Samuel Bawlf, which made clear to us once again that scholars agree: Sir Francis Drake never visited California. In this book, he also came off as one of the most honorable privateers, who practiced generosity and respect for the Indigenous people he visited on his circumnavigation. He did steal gold and silver from the Spanish, but he was not the murderous sort.

Looking a bit like a ballistic missile launched from beneath the Central Bay, this whale caught some air in front of Fort Mason.
© 2024 Rod Witel
The Bay is for the birds.
The Bay is for the birds … and the Bear, Bird and Farallone Clipper. Looking like a crowded beach scene in the summer, this sight greeted us as we returned from escorting the Stad Amsterdam out the Gate.
Whales are heading north now, from Baja to the Arctic.
© 2024 Ronnie Goyette
The dolphins in SoCal live just few miles from 20 million people.
© 2024 Latitude 38 Archives

Harbor porpoises had vanished from the Bay for decades but are now incredibly common. However, they are camera-shy and we’ve never managed to get a good shot of them.

Puerto Vallarta Whale
Whales love it out there. Sailors do too. This one leapt up in the middle of Banderas Bay Race Week.
© 2024 Charity Palmetier
Sometimes nature is calling while you’re sitting in traffic. This too is better when you’re on your boat and have magazines handy. Find them here.
© 2024 John

We really wonder: If all companies successfully got employees to agree to return to the office, would anyone actually get there? It’s really not that being in an office is bad, it’s the traffic getting there that’s the problem.

It looks like a sunny weekend ahead and a great time to heed the call of nature and get your boat on the Bay.

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