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What Are Your Favorite Sailing Apps?

These days online app stores seem to be overflowing with games that encourage players to while away endless hours chasing bad guys and acquiring digital treasure. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll also find a wealth of extremely useful apps designed for mariners. Most are usable on laptops, tablets or smartphones, and they address everything from anchor dragging to celestial navigation.

Whether you use it on your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop, the Marine Traffic app will give you crucial info about nearby traffic — especially when it’s foggy!

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We’re putting together a list of our own favorites for an article in next month’s Latitude 38, and we’d love to have your input, too. So please tell us:

  • What are your favorite apps used while sailing (either inshore or offshore)?
  • And briefly, how do they work?
  • Also, has there ever been a time when having a particular app saved you from getting into serious trouble while sailing?

Email us here, and if possible include a screen shot of the app in use. Thanks!

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