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West Coast Engulfed in Rain and Wind

Be careful what you wish for.

After our praying — and in some cases begging — for rain in California this fall, the gods have answered. And they’re still answering. We’re writing this on Saturday, December 7, as powerful gusts and vertical rain bombard the Bay. “As of 5 p.m. Saturday, the National Weather Service reported San Francisco had seen a 24-hour rain total of 1.22 inches, and streets were flooded all over town,” SF Gate reported.

The San Quentin five-day forecast. While we welcome the rain, it will be nice to see the sun again — whenever we finally do.
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We’re not complaining, but we’re Californians. We’re spoiled, so when the weather’s not perfect, it can seem as if the heavens are angry. In San Diego, a light rain makes the news (and they always send a reporter in a parka to ‘cover’ it, which we should all agree is absurd). Here at Latitude, when the weather is crappy, we write a story about it.

A usually placid Bay was frisky on Saturday, and two windsurfers were taking advantage of the big winds at San Quentin Beach.
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There were some serious, body-stopping, hang-on-to-your-hat gusts on Saturday. Shrapnel from eucalyptus trees littered the narrow road between the row of houses in San Quentin Village — where Latitude has a ‘satellite’ office — and the shoreline, where two windsurfers were on it. For a winter storm, it was remarkably warm — what we’ll call balmy by Northern California standards.

Winter is here, thank the heavens. But when the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

A lonely sailor on a wintry Bay.
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