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Virgin Money Throws in the Towel

Only two days into an attempt on the west-east transatlantic record, the crew aboard Richard Branson’s 99-ft Virgin Money is diverting to Bermuda and calling it quits after enduring wind into the 50s. The decision was pretty much made for them when a breaking wave washed a 10-man liferaft overboard while blowing up the mainsail at the first reef and destroying their spinnaker. Although it might not be until next year, we suspect Branson will be back for another shot at the record given his history with the various challenges he’s undertaken over the years.

"I am surrounded by the most amazing group of world class sailors  — all of whom are still committed to getting this record," Branson said. "It’s just a shame it wasn’t to be on this attempt. Virgin Money will soon be fighting fit and ready to take on the Atlantic again in the very near future. But I truly believe that next time . . . Virgin Money will set a new world record that will secure its place in the record books for many years to come."

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