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US Sailing Team’s Olympic Development Program Launches Mixed 470 Program

In preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the US Sailing Team is proud to announce the opening of applications for its new Mixed 470 Program. The Mixed 470 Program is a collaboration between the US Sailing Team’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) and the Windmark Sailing Foundation. The Mixed 470 class will make its debut in Paris, giving the US the opportunity to channel the strength of American sailing, including collegiate sailing, in which mixed-gender teams are the norm. The US Sailing Team is confident that an investment in developing Mixed 470 teams will produce success for US athletes.

US Sailing Mixed 470
US Sailing is seeking to reignite this historically strong Olympic class with this new initiative.
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The Mixed 470 Program will gather a squad of up to 12 talented sailors (six teams) and connect them with boats, coaching, and logistical support in exchange for a commitment to the domestic training and racing schedule (up to and including the Olympic selection process). Once the initial application deadline has passed and the squad is formed, there will also be the possibility for later additions to the squad, either through the approval of a plan submitted by a newly formed team, or through strong sailing résumés. Teams not initially selected may still be invited to ODP training camps.

Applicants to the program will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Sailing skill — Competitive regatta results (in any class; sailors from a wide range of sailing backgrounds encouraged to apply).
  • Fitness — Athlete is following a fitness program with sustained dedication to becoming an Olympic-level athlete.
  • Commitment to planned 470 Squad training and racing schedule — Responsible and accountable for planning, logistics, email communications; demonstrated goal-setting and systematic improvement.

Each applicant must apply individually, but should note on the application if they have a proposed partner in mind.

Applications will close on September 30, 2022. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of US Sailing Team staff, coaches, and top 470 Olympians. Athletes will be selected by October 10, 2022.

The application is available here: Mixed 470 Olympic Development Program

Note — Athletes must qualify through the 2023 Sailing World Championship selection process

If you or anyone you know would be interested in applying for this program, we encourage you to do so, now! And we wish all the best success to all applicants.

Learn more here: US SAILING MIXED 470

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