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US Sailing and America One Racing Clear the Air and Get Back to Sailing

It’s been a challenging Olympic year. As the US Olympic sailors have battled to secure their berths for the Olympics, US Sailing and America One Racing have been battling a lawsuit. To everyone’s relief, the latter has now been settled. US Sailing filed a lawsuit in January against America One Racing, the largest private funder of Olympic sailors, creating great uncertainty, friction and criticism during this Olympic year.

With the dispute behind them both US Sailing and America One Racing issued statements, with US Sailing saying, “US Sailing, the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing, announced today that it has come to a final resolution of terms settling all legal and other matters between US Sailing and America One Racing. US Sailing is pleased that this matter is resolved so that the greater sailing community can join us and be focused on fully supporting the 13 American athletes that will be representing the United States in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.”

America One Racing issued a statement saying that no money had changed hands, and that both parties agreed to release all claims and have established a mutual non-disparagement agreement.

As we know, it’s often hard to unite the United States. With the lawsuit settled, all parties have united in their wish to get back to sailing and supporting Olympic athletes in their quest for Olympic gold.

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  1. Ken Brinkley 3 weeks ago

    Sailing — It brings folks together!

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