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Two Circumnavigators Check In

We received reports this week from two intrepid singlehanding circumnavigators: Jeanne Socrates aboard her Najad 36 Nereida and Mike Harker on his Hunter 49 Wanderlust III. Both left Cocos Keeling within days of each other on their way to Mauritius and appear to be within spitting distance.

Jeanne Socrates hung Nereida’s nameboard in the beach shack where “yachties” congregate for sundowners and BBQs on Direction Island. Notice that Jim Kellam – the ‘harbormaster’ for last year’s Singlehanded Transpac – hung Haulback’s board in 2005. If Socrates makes it to Hanalei Bay in time, it’s likely she’ll be ‘harbormaster’ for next year’s race.

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We love that sailors can shoot off updates from the middle of the Indian Ocean. "Beautiful place, Cocos," wrote Socrates, "Paradise anchorage with white sand, palms and reef!" Harker wrote of the sailing: "The winds and ocean have been good for sailing with 12-18 knots of wind usually out of the southeast off my stern quarter." We can’t wait to read their next installments –  they always leave us wanting more.

Both plan on a short stay in Mauritius before moving on to South Africa. To check on their progress, go to Jeanne’s website at and Mike’s at

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