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Tragedy on the ARC

Tragedy has struck this year’s Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. On December 7, John Thompson, 54, of the Great Britain-based Oyster 41 Avocet was hit in the head by the boom during a broach and was severely injured. Literally in the middle of nowhere, the crew had to endure a tough night before the cruise ship Costa Mediterranea arrived the next day to transport Thompson to land. Under the care of the ship’s doctors, Thompson made it to Barbados, where he was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, Thompson did not recover from his head injury and passed away late yesterday. His crew — minus his son, who accompanied him to Barbados — is expected to arrive in St. Lucia today aboard Avocet.

Meanwhile, the great majority of the 235 ARC participants have made it into Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. James Eaton of the Belvedere-based Hallberg Rassey 43 Blue Heron — the only West Coast entrant — was the 101st finisher when he crossed the line on Wednesday. The remaining 56 boats expected in the next couple days. 

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The ‘Freedom 32’ raft designed by Fidel Castro. © 2007 Rod Williams Today’s Photo of the Day, of a 10-person Cuban refugee raft that washed up on San Pedro Reef in Belize, should be a reminder to everyone just how good we’ve got it in the United States — and just how bad people have had it in Cuba under the tyrant Fidel Castro for more than 40 years.
The day after setting a 24-hour singlehanded record of 616 miles with his 97-ft trimaran IDEC, Frenchman Francis Joyon followed it up with a near 600-mile day yesterday.
The America’s Cup inaction has been moving along at a furious pace. After BMW Oracle won their court case against Ernesto Bertarelli and Alinghi on November 27 —  which meant the default became BMW Oracle racing the next America’s Cup in 90-ft (presumably) multihulls against Alinghi — BMW Oracle suggested a meeting with Alinghi to negotiate a more traditional America’s Cup, with as many participants as possible.
Several readers thinking about doing next year’s Ha-Ha wondered what kind of experiences people had doing the Bash back north right after this year’s event.