Top Canadian Mechanic Said to Have Fled Mexico

Bob Buchanan, the Canadian owner of Total Yacht Works in Mazatlan, is reported to have fled Mexico. If you know anything about the circumstances, we’d like to hear from you.

Buchanan was last seen in late December…

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Buchanan, who started Total Yacht Works 14 years ago, and became the biggest distributor of Yanmar diesels between the United States and South America, enjoyed a stellar reputation in the cruising community as being among the best, if not the best, diesel mechanic in Mexico. Boat owners would think nothing of traveling hundreds of miles to have him work on their engines. Indeed, the presence of Total Yacht Works at the Fonatur marina and boat yard in Mazatlan is one of the reasons it’s been the most successful of the 11 Fonatur marinas.
We last saw Buchanan in late December, after not seeing him for about 10 years. He was very busy, with customers lined up to see him. The rest of the Fonatur yard was dead. He was going to collaborate with us on an article to be titled "How to Destroy Your Boat’s Diesel," the thesis being that most marine diesels die after a mere 4,000 hours because of abuse rather than too much use. At the time, we were making arrangements to have Buchanan do a major service on both Profligate’s diesels later in the spring.
There has been speculation that Buchanan’s disappearance is related to the fact that he and his Mexican business partner parted ways just a few months ago. If you know anything about the situation, please email us.

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Alas, the pig still looks like a pig. Before continuing, we want to remind everyone that Latitude loves Mexico and the people of Mexico, and far more than anyone else for the last 30 years has championed Mexico as one of the top three cruising grounds in the world.