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The Upside of Global Warming?

Sailing on the Bay? No worries, just wear a sundress and bring lots of sunblock.

©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

"Dress like you’re going skiing," has long been our standard advice to sailing guests unfamiliar with San Francisco Bay. But stints of amazingly warm weather in recent weeks — up to the high 80s in the Central Bay — has us rethinking that advice. These days, a better line might be, "Dress like you’re going skiing, but also bring along your swimsuit and a gallon jug of sunblock!"

Shirts and shoes? Who needs ’em. This is the sun-baked San Francisco Bay.

©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Even more remarkable than the recent high air temps has been the occasional presence of land breezes that were so warm it felt as though we were riding the Caribbean’s easterly trade winds. Pretty sweet indeed, even if such aberrations may be a byproduct of global warming. And while gliding along on those gentle breezes — with shirts off and bare feet — we could take comfort in the fact that our carbon footprint was negligible.

Sailing, what a great sport!


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