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The Email Scam Using Norm Goldie’s Name

Last Friday we ran what we believed was a very suspicious email supposedly sent by the controversial Norm Goldie of San Blas asking for funds to pay for emergency medical care for a relative in England. Several readers reported getting the almost identical request for about the same amount of money needed, also for someone in England, but from someone else. In addition, Bruce Adornato writes, "I’m only a neurologist and not a gynecologist, but "critical uterine fibroid" are three words I’ve never heard strung together. Sort of like an emergency oil change."

A number of other similar skeptical comments would seem to confirm that Goldie’s email has been hacked, and somebody is trying to rip off our readers and him. Indeed, phony requests for emergency funds on behalf of friends and relatives who are far away and not immediately available for contact have become a classic internet scam. Beware.

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