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The Dutch Shoe Marathon

As adults, it’s easy to forget how awesome summer is for kids. For three months, there’s no school, and kids live at the beach or the docks in a near-constant state of play.

Friday saw San Diego Yacht Club’s 49th running of the Dutch Shoe Marathon, when approximately 5,000 Sabots take to San Diego Bay, racing from Shelter Island to Coronado.

OK, so it’s actually more like 150 Sabots on San Diego Bay. It’s one of the more impressive collections of junior and senior dinghy sailing on the West Coast.

© 2018 Danielle Richards

Part of the Dutch Shoe tradition is having the Sabot flotilla share the water with the US Navy and its assortment of BGSs (Big Gray Ships).

For instructors new to the game, having your kids in a Sabot as an aircraft carrier goes by can be a little nerve racking. Somehow it all works out.

© 2018 Danielle Richards

The Dutch Shoe is not just for kids, there’s also a senior division. When you’re an adult, it’s important to hone your inner 12-year-old and carve out a bit of summer break for yourself.

Umm . . . starboard?

© 2018 Danielle Richards

Stay tuned to this very ‘Lectronic for more kids, summer and sailing. 

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