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The Do-It-Yourself Check-In

Latitude Nation — It’s been a while since we’ve asked any DIY questions, and with the weather going all gray and wintry, we’re wondering if anyone out there is working on a rainy-day project or projects.

This summer, we tore down our outboard engine to troubleshoot why it had stopped cooling (spoiler alert: we hadn’t flushed it in months and the thermostat was caked in salt). After considering taking it to a mechanic, we did some research, asked for advice and enlisted friends (paid in beer) for a satisfying DIY repair.
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Is your DIY mojo seasonal? Do you find that certain weather either gets you fired up to fix that thing you’ve been meaning to fix forever — or does the opposite happen? Do you shelve all repairs until the weather goes decent and sunny again?

We’d like to know. You can either comment on this story below, or email us pictures, anecdotes, stories and tales of near-meltdowns here. Please be sure to include your boat name, make and port of call, or just tell us where you’re from.

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