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The Aftermath of Jimena’s Wrath

With winds out of the SW, San Carlos beachfront homes took a battering.

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As reports trickle in from boating centers along the Baja Peninsula and Mexican mainland, it’s become apparent that the San Carlos area — roughly midway down the eastern rim of the Sea of Cortez — suffered some of the worst damage, although most boats were spared. "Yes, we took a direct hit from Jimena," reports Leta McKinley, who keeps her Island Packet 440 Gigi at Marina San Carlos, "but it was a tropical storm by the time it got to us. Unfortunately, the eye decided to stay 30 to 50 nm due west of Guaymas/San Carlos for 40 hours. The rain caused massive flooding, took out homes, roads, electricity and beaches. Unbelievable damage for a tropical storm — there were rivers of mud taking everything in their paths."

Despite the storm’s fury, only a few boats were knocked off their stands or trailers.

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McKinley reports that 13 to 16 boats were either beached or sunk in San Carlos Bay, while boats inside the Marina suffered little or no damage. However, the adjacent Marina Seca dry storage yard is not a pretty site. The potent combination of wind, water and mud wreaked havoc on the office, work yard and roads, leaving some cars buried in mud up to their windshields. Reports of actual damage to boats vary, but most indicate that only a couple of boats on stands tipped over in the yard, causing minor damage.

The clean-up process is never fun, but as we’ve seen in past calamities, Mexicans are incredibly resilient.

© 2009 Suzann

From nearby Marina Real, Frank Osborne of the Washington-based Discovery reports "slight damage to boats" there, "but nothing major."

As of last night, electrical power had been re-established in the area, but San Carlos currently has no running water. Government agencies are busy making repairs and are actively distributing free potable water. Osborne reports, "There is still a lot of damage to communities in Guaymas and San Carlos, but the basic services, except for water, are all restored. Major roads throughout San Carlos, Guaymas and Hermosillo are all passable with few delays." Look for a complete report on Jimena‘s wrath in the October edition of Latitude 38.

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