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Thanksgiving on the Bay

"Thank you for the idea of going to Angel Island this holiday weekend. My girlfriend Jayle and I decided to skip the stress of family gatherings and spent a few days at the island," Greg Clausen wrote us.

More than a few boats made the pilgrimage to Angel Island for Thanksgiving. 

© Greg Clausen

"We thought it wasn’t going to be crowded, but at least 12 other boats spent Thanksgiving on overnight moorings with us."

The quality of light in the winter is an entirely different creature that makes for some spectacular scenes, like this one from Ayala Cove.  

© Greg Clausen

"We had a blast hiking the island, cooking a non-turkey meal and relaxing with semi-warm temperatures. The sunset that we had was amazing, too."

"The sunset that we had [over the Thanksgiving holiday] was amazing, too," wrote Greg Clausen.

© 2017 Greg Clausen

On Black Friday, there was an impromptu raft-up to celebrate not being in a store with a ravenous mob trying to kill one another over toasters and flat-screen TVs.

A Santa Cruz 50, Catalina 38 and Cal 20 raft up in Keller Cove to share leftovers on Black Friday. The location proved too rolly, with wakes from commercial traffic, so the group, eventually adding another Cal 20 and an Express 27, moved inside Richmond Harbor.

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How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get out on the water? Have you ever had a memorable holiday "out there?" (See the last story in today’s ‘Lectronic.)


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