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Terrapin Crossroads by Sea

Know any good sail-in music venues? We’ve been a little hesitant to try sailing into the slips at Terrapin Crossroads near the head of the San Rafael Creek, but what we presume is an Express 34 seemed to fit in just in fine.

Tying up at Terrapin Crossroads looked pretty good last weekend. At least at high tide.

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Where else on the Bay do you sail in to hear good music? Terrapin Crossroads was established by Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh, who will be playing there on Monday. It features great music in three venues on the site: the Grate Room, the bar and the outdoor Beach Park. 

We stopped by the other evening to hear some music and ran into sailors Chris and Jennifer Kostanecki from the San Francisco Yacht Club. Turns out the band playing in the bar were our ‘long-lost cousins’ — Chris and Jocelyn Arndt from New York. 

A short walk away from Terrapin Crossroads is the San Rafael Yacht Club.

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Terrapin Crossroads is just 40 yards from the hospitable San Rafael YC and features a nearby Trader Joe’s across the canal. All pretty convenient. Let us know if you’ve tied up at Terrapin Crossroads or have another accessible-by-sailboat music venue to suggest.

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