Tawodi Returns

Kathleen and Stephen at Pitcairn Island, one of many places they hadn’t planned to stop but did.

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The first time we wrote about Kathleen Torres and Captain Stephen Mann of the custom 39-ft Tawodi was last fall, when we noted that the young couple had departed San Diego on a planned ‘race pace circumnavigation.’ The idea was to go around the world in eight months, with just five or six stops. Although the trip didn’t go exactly as planned (there were seemingly endless stops), they managed to stick pretty closely to their timeframe: Tawodi arrived back in San Diego Harbor this very morning, eight months and just a few days since their October 20 departure.

Dancing with dolphins off Tasmania. Note reflection of the photographer.

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Of course, depending on whether there’s anyone available from Customs, it may be well into tomorrow before they’re back among the many friends, family — and complete strangers — who have followed their adventure through Kathleen’s lovely and lyrical writing style at www.svtawodi.com

We’ll have more on Kathleen and Captain Stephen in an upcoming issue. For now, why not log onto their site and join us in wishing them "Well done!” and a big “Welcome back!” 

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