Taking Sailing to the Kids

As a vocal advocate of teaching kids how to sail, Kame Richards, owner of Alameda’s Pineapple Sails, knows that many children aren’t able to take advantage of learn to sail programs, even if they’re free. Transportation to and from the venue is just one obstacle, but most such programs also require the kids to know how to swim — and many low-income kids have never had the opportunity to learn. So instead of forcing the kids to come to the boats, Kame and his cohort in creativity, Brent Drainey, have devised a way to take the boats to the kids. Check out this video by Vince Casalaina of Brent’s son Jeff testing out the ‘land sailer’.

Kame and Brent developed this prototype in conjunction with the Youth Sailing Initiative of SailSFBay.org, a group of marine industry leaders whose aim is to grow sailing in the Bay Area. They’re hoping that folks who have old El Toros lying around will consider donating them so they can be converted to ‘land sailers’. Email Kame if you’d like to help out, and check out the December issue for more on this fantastic project!

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