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Summer Camp

What if you went to camp on the water and not on the land? Most summer camps involve hiking in the woods, bows and arrows, arts and crafts, and other shoreside activities. However, the Bay Area has dozens of on-the-water camp opportunities for kids.

Shoreline Lake in the South Bay is a hidden gem for warm, sunny summer sailing for kids (and adults too). Sign up the kids, then rent a boat to sail yourself as well.

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From Shoreline Lake in the South Bay all the way to Stockton in the Delta to Tahoe in the Sierra there are endless ways for kids to get started or expand their sailing horizons. The current issue of Latitude 38 has a great story on sailing the San Rafael Canal, which is the homeport for programs from Sailing Education Adventures

Bay Area sailors take pride in sailing the blustery Central Bay but many know there are calmer, sunnier, warmer options that are great places to start a sailing life.

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It goes without saying that if you live in the Bay Area you live close to the Bay. Our annual sailing guide provides a pretty darn comprehensive list of the nearby Northern California youth sailing options for kids of all ages. 

Sometimes the kids do have to ‘suffer’ some time on land.

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People have said that cruising is like camping without the dirt. The nice thing about sending kids to camp on the water is they don’t come home dirty but with giant smiles and already rinsed off (most of the time)!

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