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Stop the Delta Gates

"I’m not an activist," writes Molly Pruyn of Richmond YC. "I’m just a 59-year-old nurse who has spent every summer in the Delta since I was born. I don’t think the majority of yacht clubs and sailors are aware of the danger the Delta is facing. There’s legislation that has already passed to transport more water to Southern California. Several new pumps are already in place and more are planned.  What’s stopping them is that two giant tunnels — bigger than the Chunnel — are needed to get the water to LA. 

"If this whole ‘Delta restoration’, as our governor calls it, is completed, salinity could reach Stockton, channels will narrow, habitat will be lost and anchorages will be lost. The report even talks about building salinity plants (to protect the Delta!), indicating that officials anticipate a problem that we Northern Californians are supposed to fix. The plan is fraught with ill-conceived ideas that are now being reviewed and hopefully stopped. Our reps passed this right under our noses and we didn’t even catch the drift. 

"More information can be found at," she continues. "I hope everyone will join me in signing the petition opposing the plan. It’s all very alarming, and we need to get the boating community and anybody that loves the Delta to wake up. This is the last chance to turn this around."

Molly also notes in her email that today is the last day for the public to comment on the plan. Check out the site, read the Delta Stewardship Council’s final draft of the plan, and email your comments.

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