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***Special Edition. . . RYC Cancels***

Due to a recent sewage spill in Contra Costa County that dumped almost a million gallons of raw and partially-treated sewage into the Bay, Richmond YC cancelled both its small boat events for this weekend — the Sail A Small Boat Day scheduled for today, and the final installment of the Small Boat Midwinters on Sunday.

As of yesterday morning, the plan was to continue with the events as planned, but according to the club, the County issued an advisory yesterday afternoon specifically regarding the water quality at Brickyard Cove. This is a huge bummer; we’ve been looking forward to Sail a Small Boat Day for awhile and know both the club and a lot of curious sailors have been also. There’s no word yet on the possibility of either event being rescheduled, but when it comes down to it, taking a weekend off beats getting dysentery or any other evil pathogens that may be lurking. More info is available in the banner atop the club’s homepage.

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