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Speaking Of Aussie Girls . . .

"I’m a 26-year-old Aussie lass who will be heading your way to join my parents on their boat Warrior in Puerto Vallarta," writes Melissa Kuiboer. "They spent the last year in the Sea of Cortez and mainland Mexico. Once I join them, we’ll be heading down to Central America.

"It occured to me that the Baja Ha-Ha would be a great introduction to the cruising lifestyle, and a great way to meet people as I make my way down to meet my parents. I already have my ticket to San Diego, and will be arriving there on October 20. The question is, how do I go about getting a berth on a boat, as I’ll be in Australia until the 20th, and therefore won’t be able to make the Crew List party in Alameda on October 3? I don’t have a lot of sailing experience, but I’m a really fun person to have around, and am willing to jump in and try my hand at anything. I’m also a good cook and could keep any crew well fed. I put my name on the Mexico Only Crew List but if you know of any good spots, could you point me in the right direction? I’d prefer sailing down with an older crew."

We think you’d have an absolute blast on the Ha-Ha, as you’d arrive in Cabo with – and we’re not making this up – scores of new sailing friends. With so many boats entered, we doubt that you would have any trouble finding a berth. In fact, we’re sure you’d be able to hitch a ride from Cabo to Puerto Vallarta once it’s over. Because you’re out of the country, we’re going to post your email address to better help people contact you directly. Good luck!


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Marina Riviera Nayarit as seen last Friday. latitude/Doña de Mallorca
©2007 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Doña de Mallorca paid a visit to the much anticipated 400-berth Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz on Banderas Bay last week to check on the progress.