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Spaghetti Patch

Most boats lose a little speed as they age. It might be older sails, but often times it’s the amount of stuff that collects onboard. As we were getting Profligate ready to set sail on the 19th Baja Ha-Ha, we decided to see if we had any lines we no longer needed. Crewmember Fin Beven stands over the excess that was found. Wow, where did it all come from? Heavy, too.


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Richmond YC’s Great Pumpkin Regatta was held last weekend, stealing the thunder, and most of the boats, from other sailing events on San Francisco Bay.
As we post this report (noon on Wednesday) via SailMail from the Baja Ha-Ha mothership Profligate, we’re about 60 miles from crossing the finish line of Leg One, just outside Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay), with the fleet spread out far and wide around us.