SoCal Ta-Ta in Photos

If you’re going to have a kick-off party, why not have it on the beach at the Santa Barbara YC, the premier yacht club beach site on the West Coast? And with a reggae version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for a soundtrack. Yes, it was a little gray, but that was better weather than later that night when there was not only lots of rain, but hail, too. Oh yeah, lots and lots of thunder and lightning, too! But it was Southern California sunny and warm for the start of leg one the next morning.

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The fifth (almost) annual SoCal Ta-Ta — from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island to Channel Islands Harbor to Paradise Cove to Two Harbors, Catalina — was held last week in somewhat lighter winds than hoped for.

But the 72 participants on the 21 boats nonetheless had a good time. Socializing was a big part of it, with parties on the beach at the Santa Barbara YC, on Profligate twice, and at the ‘Awards’ Potluck and slideshow at Catalina.

This year the Ta-Ta — aka Reggae ‘Pon da Ocean’ — fleet had to be limited in size to half of previous ones because of space limitations at Channel Islands Marina / Vintage Marina Partners. Not that anybody has any complaint with those wonderful folks, who have given everyone in the Ta-Ta free berths for the last four years. Dan, Michelle and their volunteers rock!

Because of space limitations, the future of the Ta-Ta is a little uncertain. But we’ll let you know ahead of time. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at the Ta-Ta in photos: 

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